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Onze Filosofie

The Proof werkt met producten van The Living Proof, hét product van Jennifer Aniston. De reden waarom Ellen voor The Living Proof producten gekozen heeft, is omdat het parabenen en siliconen vrij is. Daarnaast zitten er in alle producten van The Living Proof het OFPMA molecuul. Dit molecuul creeert een ontzettend dun bescherm laagje om elke haar heen en zorgt ervoor dat je haar langer schoon blijft, sterker wordt en je kleur langer mooi blijft. Je hoeft dus minder vaak je haar te wassen om het mooi te houden. Daarnaast is minder vaak je haar wassen, ook nog eens gezonder voor je haar. In je haar zitten waterstofbruggen die uitrekken wanneer je je haar wast. Uitgerekt cq nat haar is dus kwetsbaarder.

Our science

In the end it’s all about performance. And products that keep their promise. But years before our products ever made their way into your hands…ages before they earned beauty industry accolades and won scientific breakthrough awards, our products started out as molecules in our labs. Molecules that were invented, synthesized, analyzed, and patented. Again and again until our scientists broke the mold and our beauty experts were astonished by the results.

Dry, unhealthy hair shows surface damage and rough, jagged cuticles

The same person’s hair, treated with OFPMA, demonstrates how the hair’s surface has been smoothed and repaired.

Hair Discovery #1:

OFPMA is a superior way to care for and style hair; better than any of the conventional technologies that exist in the market, like silicone and oils.

This brilliantly bulletproof molecule creates an exquisitely thin, invisible shield around every hair strand. With this shield:

  • hair becomes healthier over time
  • hair is strengthened and protected from daily assaults like brushing and washing
  • hair balances the flow of moisture in and out of strands, so damaging moisture flux is controlled
  • hair fights off humidity, so frizz is stopped in its tracks
  • hair repels oil and dirt so it stays cleaner, longer
  • hair texture is polished into a smooth, glossy lustre

We put OFPMA in almost all of our Living Proof products because every head of hair deserves the best. Without compromise.


Traditional volumizers are brittle and flake off easily, leaving hair deflated.

PBAE (highlighted in the square) results in a flexible pattern of microscopic thickening points on hair.

Hair Discovery #2:

This tiny molecule does big things. Literally. PBAE creates a micropattern of thickening dots on every hair strand, making hair look and behave like textured, full, thick hair.

To understand the power of the PBAE technology, it’s helpful to first understand the root cause of flat hair. It only takes two words: No Friction. Flat hair simply has no friction. The hair strands are so fine and smooth that they lie flat on top of each other. The way conventional texturizers and volumizers work is by trying to create friction…but in two very ineffective ways. They either use damaging chemicals that lift the hair’s cuticle so the strands don’t lie flat against each other, or add glue-like resins that build up on hair, making it feel stiff and unnatural and fall flat fast.

PBAE’s microscopic pattern of thickening dots sit on the surface of the hair, creating the much needed friction and space between every fine hair strand without any of the damage or baggage of conventional technologies. These thickening dots have endurance and don’t break down, even as you run your fingers through your locks, making fullness completely revivable and renewable.

With PBAE:

  • Hair behaves like full, thick hair with body and volume
  • Hair has volume and texture that is revivable and long lasting

Many of our texturizing and volumizing stylers are powered by PBAE to provide texture, body and thickness like you’ve never seen before…without tradeoffs.


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