Putting bright colors in your hair can be so much fun!

Sabrina (hairstylist) said this was not possible without Olaplex!

50 shades of purple! Happy Georgia, happy Sabrina!

Dyeing your hair purple (especially if you have brown hair) often come with lots of time and effort spent achieving and maintaining such a look. And yes, this means countless hours spent in the salon, and using color saving products at home like Olaplex to keep your hair healthy and color fresh!

To bring brown hair to a pink/purple, Sabrina had to bleach the hair first. To start this look, the most important step is to pre-lighten your base or natural hair color. After this process is completed, you can easily formulate and apply your color at the roots we did Purple then we mixed Purple and Hot Pink and at the ends we did Hot Pink from Affinage, we mixed everything with Olaplex nm 2.


olaplex purpe hair affinage olaplex purpe hair affinage olaplex purpe hair affinage  olaplex purple hair affinage



How can i keep my color?

  • use Color Dynamics from Affinage
  • wash once a week
  • avoid going in the ocean
  • avoid going in chlorinated pools
  • stay out of the sun
  • use Olaplex nm3 at home
  • rinse with cold water


What is Affinage Color Dynamics?olaplex purpe hair affinage

Achieve vibrant or pastel colour on pre-lightened hair, or subtle tones on natural hair.

  • Semi-permanent creative colour that lasts 6 to 10 washes.
  • DATEM PLUS® Technology for beautifully even results.
  • Conditioning, shine inducing formula with Shea Butter & Argan Oil nourishes, strengthens & protects.
  • More than 90% naturally derived ingredients, obtained from sustainable & renewable sources.
  • Ammonia & peroxide free.

But just keep in mind that bleaching the hair is a damaging and time consuming process, and color jobs like this one can really cause the hair to dry out or break off. That’s why we recommend using Olaplex, a special hair treatment that works to safeguard hair against intense bleaching sessions.

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a bond multiplier containing a single active ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. Olaplex works by finding single sulfur hydrogen bonds and cross linking them back together to form disulfide bonds before, during and after services. Disulfide bonds are broken via chemical, thermal, and mechanical processes.

Olaplex is the only product of its kind with 8 worldwide patents publishing soon. Olaplex is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, and is never tested on animals.

Olaplex is against animal testing.

Before and After Georgia!