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Is Full Root Lifting Spray right for me?

Yes! Full Root Lifting Spray is perfect for anyone who wants to add lift and height to their style. It provides flexible, lasting hold, yet allows for movement and softness, making it the perfect partner for our Full Thickening Cream or Mousse.

How is Full Root Lifting Spray different than other root lifting sprays?

To achieve lift and height, the majority of root lifting sprays rely on 1 stiff, brittle resin to prop hair up at the roots. Unfortunately, the most commonly used holding resins dry hard and brittle, and flake away with every touch and movement, causing hair to collapse far too quickly. Some root lifting sprays have tried to improve on this by using flexible resins, however flexible resins are too weak to create lift at all. Living Proof scientists knew they would have to develop a solution that would be both strong and flexible. Thus they created a unique blend of resins, never before used in a root lifting spray, to meet both of these characteristics: strong enough to provide long lasting lift, yet flexible enough so that the lift wouldn’t collapse when exposed to one’s daily activities. The scientists also discovered that adding PolyfluoroEster reduces surface tension for an even deposition of the resin film.

It contains PolyfluoroEster; does that mean it prevents frizz?

PolyfluoroEster is used at a different concentration in our root lifting formula, so this concentration is not necessarily intended to give your humidity protection. In addition, because you only focus your application at the roots, you’re not saturating your hair with PolyfluoroEster in order to get full protection from root to tip. That said, Full Root Lifting Spray is compatible with No Frizz if you’re concerned about frizz control.

Can I use any shampoo/conditioner when styling with Full Root Lifting Spray?

For best results, we recommend using our Full Shampoo & Conditioner, which were specifically designed for fine hair to cleanse thoroughly and detangle weightlessly. If you have a favorite shampoo & conditioner that you would prefer to use however, you can. That being said, in order to get the most volume in your look, you should use a lightweight shampoo and conditioner. For the best results, be careful not to excessively moisturize with heavy masks as this can tend to weigh your hair down.

How do I use Full Root Lifting Spray?

Start with clean, damp, detangled hair. Hold the bottle about 6-10 inches away from your hair, and spray 5-10 pumps of spray directly at the roots, focusing on the crown area, and comb through. For best results, follow with either the Full Thickening Cream or Full Thickening Mousse. Comb through again and style using a round brush and blow dryer. For best results, divide your hair into sections and thoroughly dry each section, keeping it gently taut around the bristles as you brush your hair up and away from your scalp. Alternatively, you can turn your head upside down and focus heat at the roots. Tousle hair as it dries for a more tousled look.

Do I have to use heat?

The formula is not heat activated. However, a volumized style (especially height) is always best achieved using heat. The idea is to allow your hair, and therefore the holding polymers in a root lifting spray, to dry in the style you desire, so the best way to do that is with heat.