When you have decided to start the Curly Girl Method, it can feel overwhelming. What products do I
need? Do I need to buy all of these products that are recommended? I don’t even know what my hair
It can be expensive and overwhelming trying to decide what to do when starting the Curly Girl Method.
When starting out, I suggest figuring out what your hair needs by answering a few questions.

Is it thick or fine?

Does all of your hair feel dry from root to end or just the ends?

What is my biggest problem with my curl? Do I want to eliminate frizz? Do I want more definition? Do I
want it more of a beachy Wave?

What is it my goal for my curls? What do I not like about my curls right now?
Once you determine your goal for your curls, it is easier to find the products that you need.

The start of every curl girl method is a Shampoo. Treat yourself to a good shampoo without sulphates,
silicones, mineral oils, and drying alcohol. Some people think that you are not allowed to use shampoo.
This is not true.

The goal is to not dry out your hair. If your hair is very dry, you may not need shampoo
and need to focus on moisture. If your hair gets oily/greasy quickly, limit your shampoo to once or twice a
week with only focusing the moisture at the mid to ends of your hair.

Now, start thinking about a conditioner. If your hair is very dry, you need to look into a conditioner and a
leave in conditioner. If your hair is more oily/greasy, I would look for a leave in conditioner. You can apply
just on the mid to ends and it will allow your hair to be mositurized while your roots are not getting greasy
as quickly. If you have more fine hair, a leave in conditoner is normally lighter and it will help your hair
not be weighed down.

When buying a product, look for a travel size or a sample to make sure it will work for you so you are not
wasting money on products that you don’t like. It is a process so be patient.

Love Marshanda.